Woolfman & JStew unite the world with intercontinental collaboration

Urban nightlife has always heralded a heartfelt sanctuary for escapism and positivity. Such is the message from a new transatlantic collaboration: Woolfman and JStew, who urge all to shed their burdens and ‘Listen to the Beat’.

Woolfman and JStew
Woolfman and JStew

Ultimately, what we have here is less of a trajection towards a new niche dance project, but more of a foundation for a new mainstream brand evolving from a club/dance base. The building blocks of which centre around a collaboration between producer as the centre piece and artist, with future projects centering around different artists.

Currently the project has a series of 4 singles, each with a series of remix options. For ‘Listen to the Beat’Steve Simpson at Concrete Promotions has introduced the vanilla version to ‘Mr E’ who has come back with 2 special remixes of the track that you can check out here:

This premier project for the pair is nothing short of vibrant, and comes with a vision to inject new life into what they perceive as a colourless tapestry of music today. The Woolfman has been lurking in the shadows of the music scene for quite some time now. From a heritage of 90’s music and industry experience, Woolfman claims his creative insight for crafting tunes has come to him ‘’in dreams’’ and met with his intercontinental counterpart through bizarre circumstances on a trip through Eastern Europe.

US Gospel singer JStew, who is also a pastor at his local church back in San Francisco, draws inspiration his from heroic titans such as Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye arriving with his own vision to make wonderfully vibrant and exciting music. JStew’s personal angle is one of gospel in his heart saying: “I believe my grounding in this vibrant style of music gives shape to my current style. I sing from my heart…” Through this comes transcendence through music, born from dreams. Distinguishably, Woolfman – one of the founding members of Gang of Four, was kicked out of the band for “meditating in soundcheck”.

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