Visible sighting of ‘The Man Who Fell From the Sky’ Soon to be Confirmed

In a world with so much credence on blurring the lines of diversity, this Summer’s release from Jonny Dee offered a refreshing understanding of how psychedelic hip-hop may hold the key to understanding ‘The Human Experience‘.

While we have previously covered the album in a post in the build up to the release, anticipation is now growing from the premier of his debut music video for the closing track on the record ‘The Man Who Fell From the Sky’ (The date of the release to be announced presently).

Jonny Dee

For those unaware of the record, Jonny Dee sets himself apart from his peers in the genre with a sense of being less concerned with an assertion of material wealth and aspiration, with more of a heartfelt good vibe that urges people to be at peace and better themselves. Perhaps most notably, his own scattering of guitar performances throughout the record that differentiates his style. Immediately striking as being somewhat unusual and special in itself, it’s self evident as a source of pride and inspiration – citing personal tastes flaring towards the likes of The Beatles and David Bowie as possible reasoning behind stemming down that particular path.

Hailing from San Diego, the roots of Jonny’s influences have been ever-present through his life, having family ties to psych-soul stars 5th Dimension. For the album itself, a stylish flair that hybridises a range of influences to craft something more distinctive entirely. From the first instance, the uplifting nature of the record is self evident. The lyrical style is one that flows with its own back and forth rhythm, which does much to flesh out the underlying theme – with a smile that you can hear resonate through

The overall tone varies from track to track, a subtle nod to the spectrum of the human condition. From the free and laid back dancer in ‘A Ways Away’, to the supersonic soul-funk of lead track ‘Rhythm of My Life’, to the droning distortion found ‘In the Sound’, the flavour of the rainbow bounces from pillar to post.





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