Kerria Releases Irresistible Late Summer Dance-Pop Classic, “Night Now”

While it may be almost time to pack the barbecues back in the shed, doors appear to being held open for one last banger. With roots tracing back to Gibraltar, Israeli-born Kerria has burst onto the European dance pop scene of late. Almost following a blueprint that details a statement of her intent, initial tremors are beginning to be heard as people cry out for ‘Night Now’ right now. As all good pop should be, the formula is guaranteed to saturate your senses as a kind of all-weather appreciation for the good times.


Kerria has the makings of an icon who takes her art very seriously and has aspirations for reaching as high as taking the pop-queen crown from her peers and rivals in the genre. Her credence as an up and coming musician is certainly beginning to take shape. With around a million views on her YouTube videos already, the rolling stone certainly appears to be gathering moss.

Under the watchful eye of Grammy Award-winning composer Walter Afanasieff (who, most notably, has previously collaborated with Mariah Carey and Celine Dion), Kerria is steadfast honing a maturity as an emerging star in the business. With almost nigh on certainty, this will be an ear-worm of club-dwellers for some time to come. What she will be hoping for at this stage is to announce her presence – her destiny surely laid out to unfold along a natural path.



Instagram: @kerriaofficial


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