‘New Blondie’ Bexatron Resonates High Energy Performance to Conquer Europe

Certain aspects of London sub-culture make it hard to disassociate yourself from the certain stereo-types that come to mind, namely – leather jackets, exhaust fumes and grit. Seemingly, there is never going to be a time where street level society will become too elite for bands that champion themselves as bridging alternative attitude with high energy fun. Dreams of this nature are being realised by London glam-rockers Bexatron who, through lead track ‘Dirty Disco‘, are establishing themselves as a ‘must see’ live event.


While true, describing their sound purely by saying ‘it would heavily appeal to those of glam/pop punk persuasion..’ would fail to put across the potential appeal that upcoming releases might have to a wider audience. It’s easy to pick out the high quality production as an artificial injection of energy that the record wears very well, but a nagging sense of authenticity is ever-present and permeates the spirit of the record as a whole.

This is the kind of music that is sure to thrive in inner city suburban surroundings. Highly visible bass lines subconsciously slide your stance towards a backward lean as mind follows feet. Imagine being grabbed by the sleeve and forced on the dance floor, only to find the masses aren’t all wearing gin-thinned mascara and stompy boots. The simplicity of the structure means that the music is easily accessible, dare-I-say DJ friendly, framing Rebecca Eite as an enviable front-woman for the modern age to be seen, heard and emulated.


It’s clear to understand the raw inspiration behind the record leans heavily towards a live performance and is charged with the kind of energy that is sure to let sparks fly with only a smidgen of tinder put in place. Bexatron have put in a lot of ground work towards this end – offering back stage passes and regular giveaways to fans, which goes a long way towards making individuals feel just a bit special. Small movements here could pay huge dividends when looking to establish yourself as an icon and, already having scheduled a headline tour in the UK over November and December 2018, with European dates to follow, is a clear testament of that.


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