Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – “Cool Points Don’t Pay The Rent”

It’s an old cliche that ‘being true to yourself’ is paramount to success, and music often offers a true and artistic rendition of your inner-most – Individuality is perhaps the most valuable commodity that a musician can possess. The mantra for Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser is one who’s key is found in remembering that music is about having a good time and, above all else, that you shouldn’t be afraid of yourself.


Having felt that rock has become a genre that now takes itself too seriously, losing a sense of ridiculousness honed by its forefathers, DeGreaser’s aim is seemingly a very honest interpretation of the man himself. Building up from the rawest foundations, as a 9 year old full of anger, problems mounting due to struggling with an inability to express himself, Ben found an outlet for his frustration through writing music.

New track “Cool Points Don’t Pay The Rent” premieres on New Noise Magazine today

“This song was written with my buddy Mario Cianci while touring Florida a while back. It’s a privilege to get to chill with your friends while being able to travel all over the world getting to play music. For a lot of us this is something that gives purpose to our lives more than it does money to our bank account. This song is a testament to doing what you love for the love of doing it and not having an inflated ego over playing some awesome shows when at the end of the day you still have a 9 to 5 to support your dream of rocking.”Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser

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Founder of Boston’s BUFU record label and solitary fixed member of DeGreaser, Katzman has been looking to bring the glory of feel-good rock back to the masses. Now returning for his second full-length solo project, there is no self-evident baggage of turbulent meaning weighing down what is in essence a straight up rock record.

Riffing his way through to a happier existence, Ben had enrolled in Boston’s Berklee College of Music, but had remained unable to relate to the lessons being taught as a means to flourish musically. Starting out with making tapes out of his dorm room, BUFU has worked its way up to being an internationally distributed source, with material sitting in stores all over the world. Now, a number of albums have received note from independent to major press outlets such as Sub Pop and Warner Brothers.





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