Can Music Provide The Cure for Blue Monday?

For many people, the month of January means much more than a hangover from excess over the festive period – it resonates as a time of year when loneliness is felt the most. It’s a topic that has been garnering increasing coverage within the mainstream media (and rightly so) – but while people now seem more capable to speak about it openly, it seems to have gathered little traction in terms of being fully understood. Music has long-since been considered a form of emotive-escapism, and it’s progressively come to light in recent times that Captain of the Lost Waves is a performer who has helped a number of people face and overcome mental health issues as a by-product of his music and live performances.

“I’ve told you before, but it bears repeating -your music rescued me at a desperate, desperate time in my life.”  – Anon

While fingers may quickly point towards conventional treatments, there are those who don’t consider therapy or medication a viable solution for what they’re going through. For those people, an encouraging level of real-life testimonials detailing a genuine connection through audience participation have demonstrated a real alternative for curing the January blues, and soothing longer standing conditions.  Music News Today already gave their first-hand perspective on a recent performance here, and it’s abundantly clear that we were not alone in our summation of what transpired.

“Bi polar diagnosis & depression has, unfortunately, been my regular companion a lifetime through.. The harder I try to escape it, the more entrenched I seem to find myself.. Your performance awoke a dormant seed in me, albeit a small seed or two, but I’ve honestly never felt such a punch of altered states than the hour I got to share in your blessed company.” – Anon

As we have arrived upon, what is now referred to as, ‘Blue Monday’, now seems an appropriate moment to point you towards the music video Captain of the Lost Waves has released for his track ‘January‘,  which showcases his poignant interpretation of the whirlpool of negativity surrounding this collective low-point of the year.

While on one level giving the month a much needed PR-makeover, ‘January’ is a song which recognises that many with mental health issues who are trapped in vicious circles of seemingly impenetrable loneliness need a helping hand to get back on their feet, and to know that there are those out there who are willing to listen.

“There is both a profound & joyous life affirming experience that happens at his shows… his records are so beautiful, but to witness a live show is really like nothing else.” – Anon

Captain of the Lost Waves is set to appear at Cabaret Doonican presents… Electric Cabaret in Barnsley on Thursday 31st January at 8pm








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