Generation Hip Hop Joins The Favelas’ Kaos MC In His Brazilian Rap Takeover

Born in the Favelas – Brazil’s most tightly packed, suburban area where some of the poorest members of society live – Jailson N. Rodrigues aka Kaos MC has set out to bring his community together through his raw take on Brazilian rap.

Setting himself apart from his hip hop ‘bling and violence’ contemporaries, Kaos MC is giving back to the people who have supported him through his unlikely rise from the depths of poverty to the recording studio and working with legendary musicians.

Having founded Lokos da Favela, a family movement that focuses on positivity in the favela, Kaos has attracted the attention of Generation Hip Hop who have endorsed his work. Chaired by Ndaba Mandela (grandson of Nelson Mandela), members like Terrence Barry (Executive Director of GHH Global)  have been quick to highlight the work Kaos MC have done for his underprivileged country-folk.

Along with his producer, Doc B (Doc B Productions) the pair have become almost legendary in the Favela, giving toys, food and clothing to the locals, as well as holding hugely popular weekly rap battles across the country, attracting the youth from miles around. Doc B gave up life in the Western world to embrace the people of the favelas and alongside Kaos MC, both are now recognised as pioneers of rap and hip-hop in Brazil, even receiving recognition from the government of Bahia Salvador.

His forthcoming single, What’s Wrong, sees him teaming up with the legendary Tito Jackson; international recording artist and YouTube sensation Alex Boyé, and Brazilian rapper, Bull Dogg, to bring the hottest sounds coming out of his home country into the wider world.





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