Survivor Of A Traumatic Accident, Adam Lanceley Confronts His Struggles With Mental Health Head On In Latest Album

Resilience in the face of life’s adversities is a hard feat and in the moment can sometimes can seem impossible. Yet, in the defiance of these tragedies the greatest instances of bravery, strength and compassion can be found and Adam Lanceley’s story is no exception.

Adam was only ten years old when he was involved in a car accident that left him with a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs. Doctors had warned that he was unlikely to ever walk and talk again, a prospect that would terrify anyone, however against all odds Adam not only proved them all wrong. but he did it to the extreme. Remarkably running marathons and carving out a career as a singer-songwriter, Adam is an inspiration for anyone facing hardship, however despite recovering from his physical injuries he continues to live each day with the spectre of serious mental health issues.


His ever-evolving mental health issues make every-day life a nightmarish world where major anxiety issues, depression and OCD make every decision a Herculean effort. Adam has spoke out about his everyday battle with mental health and how music has helped him, saying;

“It affects me on a daily basis in more ways than I can mention, from struggling to make myself get up and face the day – even being disappointed to wake up and face reality in the morning – to the inability to hold my concentration or make decisions, it is a constant battle. On a daily basis I suffer fro numerous panic attacks. They not only take away my ability to be rational and composed but also are mentally exhausting.”

“I always try to be positive though. My music is a major outlet and who knows, without mental problems I might not have felt like writing stuff down and composing.”

Hoping to inspire other facing difficulties of all kinds with his lyrics, Adam has released ‘What’ll Save Me Now?’, taken from his latest forthcoming album, Rainbow’s Legacy – an album which is, remarkably, his eighth album to date. A testament to both his prolific song-writing ability as well as his sheer determination to make the most of every day, the album injects distinctive 1960’s Californian sound and Beach Boys-esque melodies and is a collection of tracks that radiate Adam’s optimism.

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