A Pop Band Determined To Connect Those In Need With Those That Can Help; ReLoVe Release New EP

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A pop band who radiate those beams of musical euphoria, ReLoVe have continually provided those glorious sounds of retro-pop and feel-good reggae soul. Formed by Glenn Jost, a drummer who has supported stars from Boston band to late comedy god Robin Williams, ReLoVe have a goal, and that goal is to make a difference.

Performing anywhere and everywhere the band invites business leaders and the corporate world to host non-profit shows within their very own communities to those suffering the most, highlighting the issues and giving donations directly to those people in need.

They aim to find corporate sponsoring ‘hosts’ across America aligned with a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to host Concert Share events, bridging local business communities with their own localized impoverished neighbours living in inner-city blight.

The purpose is to bring all people together regardless of socio-economics, race, religion, ethnicity, age, or gender.  These events create social awareness of this epidemic and connect people who can help, to those directly in need.  Live music, clothing drives, water and hygiene kit giveaways are part of these Concert Share events.

As one of a rare breed of drummers who play whilst standing up, Glenn is the heart and soul of the band able to switch between the summery glow of Fly Away to the reggae-lite of Shining Through.  A soulful pop band, their music is all about feeling-good and their EP ‘Music On A Mission’ is no exception.

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