Improbable line-up rallies to save iconic punk venue

Banded around the local-news agenda, there is invariably some story of a local venue undergoing an untimely closure. The ever-growing impact of this cultural decline will undeniably be having an adverse effect on cultivating and discovering new talent, and sooner rather than later.

With the spiralling rents on Oxford Street threatening it’s very existence, London’s iconic 100 Club is one such venue feeling the pressure. However, regular performers at the venue – Rock n Roll Suicidez, need to be congratulated for taking it upon themselves to do their part in helping stop the rot.

Having performed for a number of years at, what is, the site of some of the most seismic gigs of the 70s punk era, their forthcoming annual show will this year have all proceedings being dedicated to the venue itself! Showcasing their forthcoming EP ‘Spectrum‘, and the lead track of the same name, RnRSz will demonstrate their punk prowess alongside Penetration & The Vibrators.

The unlikely line-up consisting of Proto-punk bassist OPG (also a part-time poet), American guitarist Kyle, down-the-line rock rhythm guitarist Paul, the tribal drum patterns of Transwoman drummer Antonia, all behind autistic singer Sharne’s thrillingly assertive vocal style.

Rock n Roll Suicidez hope their support for small yet vital venues spreads nationwide, highlighting the need to support those who give so many bands a chance to get their music heard.




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