‘Sonic visionary’ teases visuals from psych-rock experiment, forged in Mojave moonlight

Gearing up to release not one, but two mind-melting new videos are LA-based indie project Vanderocker! Following the success of debut album – Jupiter’s Kiss, which featured some of music’s most celebrated session musicians, is the Point Defiance record, which both singles have been lifted from. Dutch-American Adrienne Vanderocker’s ever-evolving sonic landscape already incorporates an unlikely blend of classical betwixt indie rock, and her latest long-player add even more psychedelic influences alongside a healthy dose of Desert Rock, with the tracks written and tracked in Joshua Tree.

The first of the releases, Creature of Habit, was directed by photographer, costume designer and filmmaker Mimi Haddon. First impressions suggest it should be taken under advisement for those with gentle constitutions, with a bizarre, cartoonish nature that seems to capture the essence of an anxiety dream. Adrienne comments that she “[sees] it as an observation of all the facets of people as a whole (who are often very ridiculous) as well as challenging people not to take life too seriously”.

The Point Defiance video, in contrast, was shot in the husk of a house that had completely caught fire. Directed by Eric Rizzardini, finding the location was an opportunity not to be missed: “It was so haunting and beautiful on camera, which is one reason why we chose it… Overall, it’s about finding freedom and a voice through music when you’re feeling silenced and trapped for some reason or another.” Combined with Vanderocker’s gleefully unhinged track, the end result is one of skewed nostalgia, faded glamour and sprinkling of feminist commentary.

Vanderocker’s Point Defiance record is out now, and both videos will be premiered Summer 2019

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