ARLS release trip-hop inspired ‘LUCKY’ – a cultured twist of 90s trip-hop and 80s synth atmospherics

Travellers of the planet with no set home and no ties that bind, ARLS are a collaboration between musician and producer Bravo Bonez and singer-songwriter, Alba Rose. While in the process of finishing their 4 track EP ‘MELD‘ (due for release in the first half of 2020), our first introduction to them is the trip-hop inspired lament ‘LUCKY‘, described as a “narcotic torch song”, released internationally on 1st August 2019 through all major platforms.

Musician and producer Bravo Bonez travels the Earth constantly and is the enigma of the band. As composer and arranger, he hides a wealth of musical experience behind his shades, bringing the darker elements of the 90s trip-hop scene along with the ethereal splendour of Cocteau Twins at their peak.  Alba Rose, on the other hand, resides in New Zealand, a suitably far-flung domain from which she has honed a remarkably effortless vocal style. Free from the lazy tropes churned out from less staggeringly beautiful climes, behind the voice is an engagingly dynamic character who is by turn edgy, powerful but most of all, utterly genuine. No artifice, no ego, no trickery. A perfect foil and musical accomplice to Bravo Bonez.

LUCKY’s lyrics tell of wrenching yourself from an unfulfilling relationship, reminding yourself you’re strong enough to emerge from the pain whilst delivering a sideswipe at the person they’re leaving, that they were lucky to have what they’ve lost. ARLS is more than a sound – it’s the feeling of your blood on fire!

The track has been produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers; Super Furry Animals; The Chills), Bravo and Simon Gooding (Pink; Dua Lipa; Neil Finn), with mixed by Eddie Johnston (Lontalius/Race Banyon).


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