Summer in September – Reuben George releases new track ‘Let’s Run Away (To Mexico)’


For someone growing up in Rye, Kent, it’s easy to see how music isn’t the most predictable vocation – let alone playing in a ska band.

Reuben George grew up in a musical family, with strong aspirations. Though playing his trombone in a classical or jazz set up may have been easier, it’s not the music that caught Reuben’s attention – ska was. Discovering his love for reggae, George had hoped to showcase his musical talents in the genre, playing his trombone. However, the brass player soon came to realise how few opportunities there are to become a ska sensation in the Hastings area, so formulated a new plan.

He set his sights instead on the pop world, reaching for a guitar rather than a trombone, and using ‘Let’s Run Away (To Mexico)’ to combine all the aspects of his musical journey to date. Fusing his passion for ska and reggae with the modern world of pop, Reuben’s track provides a breath of fresh air, pulling summer into the autumn months and brightening the shorter days.