Haunting and Seamless – ‘Nobody’ is the Debut Track from New Jersey’s Finest, Kelsey.

With her debut track ‘Nobody’ on the horizon, Kelsey is a name you’re sure to be seeing everywhere. Kelsey has always been inspired by music that can instantly take effect on her emotions and transport her to a place where she is living the song. The captivating energy that drew Kelsey to music is exactly what she now provides with her emotionally-packed songs.

While you wait for Kelsey to drop her music – here’s an insight into Kelsey’s songwriting process

In ‘Nobody’, Kelsey’s clean and distinct vocals alongside intricate guitar and powerful beats make for the perfect pop song. Yet, the secret spark in ‘Nobody’ is certainly the lyrics, which take the listener on an intimate account of an individual’s difficulty of no longer being loved by someone they still do. ‘Nobody’ is the haunting track that will resonate with listeners, telling the ghost story of memories of a past lover.

Social links to Kelsey:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelseyvibesss

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kelsey-vibess 

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