Thanks to her hard-to-compare “fairy-tale pop” sound Possimiste has often been named as one of the most unique artists in 21st century’s pop music scene and her forthcoming music to accompany the short film, Butterfly, directed by Ian Armer, looks to cement this reputation.

The creator behind the world of Possimiste is a young Estonian-born artist and alchemist, Leeni Laasfeld…or at least that’s one theory. Declaring herself as originally hailing from the Sirius star system, she now takes human form and lives in Iceland, after spending her earlier days on Earth in Estonia. Her music allows her to tell tales from across the stars, with all her songs delivered to her by an extra-terrestrial friend in her dreams.

Already receiving thousands of views and love from fans, you can get a feel for Possimiste’s music from the first 4 singles of her 2020 album ‘Youniverse’ on her YouTube channel.

Cards – Possimiste
The 3rd single from upcoming album ‘Youniverse’

For as long as she can remember, she has felt compelled to spread her ethereal messages to those around The Earth. Her songs have scored numerous syncs on adverts and films and features from the likes of Vogue and The Wall Street Journal. Her latest project sees her working with the acclaimed director, Ian Armer (Mad Gods and Englishmen, Introspectum Motel) on his forthcoming short film, Butterfly. Butterfly is a musical LGBTQ short drama built around Possimiste’s song Butterfly Lullaby, a heart-breaking love song that sparked Ian into creating an utterly emotional film about love, change and finding one’s true self that sometimes comes with a price of losing everything else.

Having won awards such as the winner of UK Amazing Radio’s Alternative Eurovision, “Most Original Songand Best Vocalsat the Recording Festivaland been nominated for Single of the Yearat Radio FM’s Radio Head Awards. Possimiste’s full-length debut album Youniverse will see daylight in 2020.

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