Women’s Activist and Swedish Soulbird, Yajna, Releases Empowering New Single ‘Femenomenal’

The second release in a trilogy of tracks, Femenomenal is a true power anthem that radiates positivity and the notion that we are so much stronger when we are working together. Growing up in the small village of Vittangi in the northernmost part of Sweden, entrepreneur and women’s activist Yajna has overcome clinical depression, ECT and the male-dominated world of extreme sports to become one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. Now turning her focus to her first love – music – Yajna wants to inspire those at their lowest that there is still hope.


Embarking on a snowboarding career as a teenager, Yajna wanted to help change the lack of women in extreme sports. This lead to her first company INACTION, where events and training were produced by women for women, creating a whole new platform in the accessibility of extreme sports.

Now preparing to commence her new project Women Worldwide, Yajna hopes to give the confidence and opportunities to women in entrepreneurship. Following the release of ‘You Are Beautiful’, ‘Femenonmenal’ comes as the second addition to a trilogy of tracks she’s entitled The Rising Phoenix; a reflection of her personal journey from her lowest ebb to empowerment and success.

Check out the music video for single ‘You Are Beautiful’
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