McFly Announce First New Album In 10 Years

McFly have signed their first record deal since 2009 and are set to release a new album later this year. Record deal with BMG comes after a collection of demo recordings called ‘The Lost Songs’ was put out last year.

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The pop group, who had hits in the 2000s with songs including “All About You” and “Love is Easy”, have not released a new studio album in ten years.

comeback show at London’s O2 arena last year was accompanied by the release of The Lost Songs, a record of previously unreleased demo recordings.

While the title of McFly’s forthcoming album has not yet been announced, the BBC reports that the “intoxicatingly upbeat crowd-pleaser” is set to arrive later this month.

Guitarist Danny Jones said: “You can put it on and your kids will dance to it, your wife will dance to it, your granddad, everybody. Even the lads can get involved, the football crowd. I could really hear it on the Fifa soundtrack.”

Back in 2013, plans for a new full-length record were scrapped as the band decided to team up with Noughties chart contemporaries Busted to form the touring supergroup McBusted.

An attempt to reunite the band in 2017 was abandoned over tensions between its four members.

Singer Tom Fletcher noted: “There was a strong possibility McFly would never happen again. We genuinely didn’t know how to get back on track.”

The McFly members also revealed that they had considered attending therapy to help reconcile their differences.

“Although we never thought they would, things got a bit weird between us,” explained drummer Harry Judd. “We tried to talk it out a couple of times over those years and it just was very unproductive. So, yeah, there were moments where we talked about, ‘Do we need to get in a room with a therapist and document this?’”

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