Media Frenzy For Determined Dad

Richard Stevens, made redundant from his work last summer, has now found himself with a brand-new job, thanks to his son Oscar’s assistance. Oscar wrote and sent a song to employers asking them to look beyond CVs when recruiting, and to look at the person behind the paper. ‘Paper Me’, authored by Oscar and performed alongside his dad under the banner Uneven Stevens, is both a brilliant Oasis-esque indie track and a critical message to employers at a time when people need to band together more than ever before.

Richard’s new employer had this to say:

“When I heard the heartfelt lyrics, I knew I had to take him on, plus it sounded like a mix of Oasis and Elton John – my two favourite artists. It was Richard’s destiny to work for me and he’s done a fantastic job. Richard is my gain and everyone else’s loss – don’t just look at the Paper Me!” – Tim Coutts 

‘Paper Me’ continues to hit media headlines and have radio play around the world, with the tale of Uneven Stevens catching the imaginations, hearts and ears of people around the UK and beyond.

After 30 years of working as a director of a business manufacturing heart valves in the medical devices market, Richard Stevens found himself redundant in the summer of 2019, part of a cull that left him dejected, but determined to get back to work.

Oscar asked his dad in March, just before the lockdown, why he couldn’t get a job. He explained that he had submitted his CV to numerous businesses and recruiting agencies and that it was tossed into the bin. Oscar asked if people still made decisions based on a piece of paper, and he confirmed what millions of people in the United Kingdom are facing while looking for work every day. Oscar proposed that they write a song about it, which they did and thus set in motion a dramatic turn in fortunes.

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