Angie A raises spirits and funds with her charity cover version of ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Fusion is an interesting concept in music, sometimes it’s a matter of an obvious combination that works well, while, sometimes multiple genres just don’t mesh, and the results are disappointing.

Once in a while, two things you would never put together meet and it’s the best thing you’ve never heard before. That is the experience delivered with any encounter of Angie A’s ‘reggae dub trap version‘ of Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

The sentiment of the track is genuinely wonderful. Angie A hopes her cover will not only raise funds for some of her chosen charitable causes but also encourage people to reflect on the hectic time that has been lockdown, and possibly even take a moment to centre themselves and relax. The tone of the cover suits this purpose perfectly and, upon hearing the opening few notes, it’s hard to not let yourself melt into the soulful vocals.  

Lockdown was not initially the reason behind Angie focusing on the old-school classic, rather a choice she made for her community vocal group. Though, with the original tune being a staple of the time for its relevant, uplifting message, Angie adapted the song’s use and proceeded to create her version.

Further inspiration came in the form of the Queen, and her words of “We will see our families again, we will meet again…”. This sparked curiosity in Angie, wondering if the lyrics and accompanying message would fit with other styles of music.

The moving notion of the song is further shown through Angie A’s want to use her work to raise funds for worthy causes, with her chosen charities focusing on providing online technology for schools and a more inclusive form of entertainment for care homes as the world suffers in the isolation of COVID-19: a demonstration that Vera’s lyrics are just as significant in modern times as they were in 1939.

“It’s a thought-provoking song, looking at things like how we now negotiate more intently how we walk along the street when others are about or how the 1st lockdown was like a rug being pulled from everyone’s feet…or how people in local communities came together to support one another”. – Angie A

This may be ‘We’ll Meet Again’ as you’ve never heard it, but the conviction behind the track itself and its purpose especially, is something that all can relate to and be inspired by.

So set a reminder for December 20th and don’t miss the release of this impressive track.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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