Greer Baxter will tug at your heart strings with her newest alternative pop single ‘Sleeping on the Couch’

By combining introspective lyrics and alt-pop power, Greer Baxter perfectly encapsulates the turmoil of relationships with this melancholy tale. Calling on songwriting inspired by the likes of Alanis Morisette and her background in poetry, Baxter explores a personal and intimate situation in a way that can relate to many, by inviting listeners into an environment that is honest and grounded.

Whilst the backing is simple, mostly comprised of dark tones and a steady progression, it allows for the emotive lyrics to take centre stage, Baxter’s soft voice adding a real sense of longing to each word which mirrors the scenario presented wonderfully. 

Rather than being a throwaway track about heartbreak, ‘Sleeping on the Couch’ is a much more mature approach to real relationships. Said maturity can be observed with the tranquil yet expressive vocals. This is a discussion, not a screaming match.

Greer’s well-crafted tune shows a level of gracefulness, wrapping the poignant lyrics in complementary alternative pop without overloading the sentiment. Much like her previous release ‘Bleed’ (EP – 2019), Baxter expresses a talent for pairing impassioned words to heartfelt backing, never inhibiting the message but rather using her musicality to bring it to life.

“I wrote this song about suddenly being at odds with the person you love and trying to make sense of it. We’ve all had a night sleeping on the couch and we wake up in the morning thinking: why would we let a fight keep us apart for the night? It’s about wanting to resolve it before falling asleep and wondering if the other person feels the same.” – Baxter

Overall ‘Sleeping on the Couch’ gets the ball rolling for under-the-radar songwriters in 2021, and Greer Baxter should be taken very seriously in that regard.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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