Quite Great are here to help lockdown blues with their mental health series ‘Just Checking In’

As we enter 2021 with another bout of staying inside and socially distancing, it’s important that we not only keep on top of our physical health but our mental health too.

It can be a difficult topic to face alone and sometimes hard to talk about, but there are plenty of ways you can help yourself and others around you.

Quite Great are hoping to fill you in on some of those ways with their 5th instalment of ‘Just Checking In’. The series aims help out with those moments of feeling lost that we all experience with some tips and tricks.  

Watch the video here or check out Quite Right’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Quitegreatmusicpruk/featured

In the first video of the new year, Chloe Mogg lists of some helpful tidbits for people who may be suffering under lockdown, such as: Keeping a routine, learning something new and getting a healthy amount of rest.

Whilst these pointers may be common knowledge, the video goes into detail about how to put its suggestions into effect, but keeps the tone light and friendly.

It’s encouraging without making watchers feel as though they are being told off for not acting in a productive and healthy way, making it accessible to all who may need to hear the advice.

Along with the video itself, past episodes of ‘Just Checking In’ are listed in the description which include episodes on how to reduce anxiety and discussions into Covid’s effects on numbers of long term chronic illnesses.

Not only that, but the video’s description contains something to get your mind back in gear with its book recommendation and a playlist to stave off the silence.

Overall the video is to-the-point and a valuable watch for anyone looking for some advice on how to keep calm and carry on during lockdown 3.0, while it provides a friendly environment for anyone who watches.

Words by Ellen Oakley

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