Simon speaks on ethereal new album in wake of Collins’ tabloid drama

Most know the name Phil Collins from his solo work or his career performing with prog-rock band Genesis. However, some may not be aware of his son Simon Collins who has been pursuing his own career in music since 1999 with the release of his debut album ‘All of Who You Are’.

With defamatory headlines recently swirling around Simon Collins’ personal life and struggles, it’s important to focus on the artist’s latest release ‘Becoming Human’, which graced streaming platforms everywhere September of 2020.

Another entry into the ever-expanding prog-rock genre, the album is dramatic with a real narrative flow, each song containing engaging pacing and layers upon layers of synth, percussion and guitar.

Behemoth tracks like ‘I Will Be Waiting’ and ‘Dead Ends’ carry real climatic energy to moodier pieces such as ‘Living in Silence’ that give the listener an experience of a real journey of emotions.

With some media choosing to produce tabloid drama and focus on the berating of individuals, it’s important for readers to recognise the achievements of those who have come from dark places, like Simon Collins’, who’s new album has built upon nuances entrenched in history and craft.

Listen to ‘Becoming Human’ here:

Words by Ellen Oakley

Post Author: monkjackblog