Melanie Masson’s soulful rendition of Future Islands’ ‘Seasons’ is feel good to a tee

A raw, authentic experience awaits anyone who listens to Melanie Masson’s version of ‘Seasons’. A follow up to her first single, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’, Masson’s latest release is overflowing with Northern soul, beautiful harmonies and pure joy.

With an accompanying video directed by the acclaimed Simone Lahbib, which elevates the song’s whole feel further, and appreciation from Future Islands themselves, the entire track is audio and visual bliss.

A stellar vocal performance carries the song with an emotional tone and smooth flow, while the instrumentals highlight Masson’s talent without overwhelming it and add to the song’s realness.

Not only does the single show off Masson’s ability, but it also allows the listener to sit back and revel in the feel-good spirit projected by Masson’s effortless presence in the track.

“I loved the melody and lyrics to Seasons and really connected to it. It felt very reflective yet optimistic and that’s the mood I wanted to create for the video. I wanted to send out a positive message. It feels like we’re all in the same challenging  situation right now. We all have our struggles, our ups and down but there’s always hope. It’s about hanging on to what’s important, taking strength from that and holding onto the belief that better days are coming. It’s a message to everyone to hang on in there.” – Melanie Masson

Overall, ‘Seasons’ is a definite must-listen for anyone looking for a pick-me-up or a demonstration of Northern soul at it’s best.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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