Jordan Dean brings his unapologetic indie stylings to the UK with his new EP ‘Local’

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio Jordan Dean is set to grace the UK with his indie-pop sound March 12th with his upcoming EP ‘Local’. With an authentically raw sound and lyrics that offer a real slice of life feel, ‘Local’ is a modern take on the indie-pop that dominated the charts in the 2000s and gives listeners a fresh wave of nostalgia in five tracks.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Local’, with subject matters such as living in a small town – and how repetitive that lifestyle can be – discussed over a bouncy instrumental. Lyrically catchy and with a level of whit, it fills the niche of indie-pop seamlessly. With a warm vocal performance that makes the whole thing feel rather intimate, ‘Local’ sets the stage for the remainder of the EP to be relatable and full of soul and character.

Dean shows range within the genre with the following track ‘What I’m Feeling’, which takes a more emotional and sombre tone without losing the notable nuances many expect. ‘What I’m Feeling’ feels lovelorn and melancholic but undeniably realistic. No over-the-top dramatics cheapen the song meaning listeners are left with a ready-made classic tackling the complications of relationships. A similarly sentimental tone can be found in ‘Rabbit Hole’, which showcases a vulnerability and skill for songwriting that is missed from many new releases. The pace and pep are brought back up with ‘Drunk’; the self-aware nature is engaging but doesn’t ever feel fabricated.

The EP closes with ‘Friend’ which sums up ‘Local’ perfectly. Rhythmic, human and poignant, it announces Dean as an artist who knows what they’re doing and someone listeners can feel safe with. Overall, ‘Local’ is a rebirth of indie-pop that rightfully garners your attention when it drops March 12th.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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