Reigno introduces the world to his own brand of introspective hip hop with his latest drop ‘Three Fours’

Ellen Oakley

Reigno teases listeners with what they can expect from his upcoming EP ‘Content With Crazy’, dropping May 7th, with his latest release ‘Three Fours’. The track is bold and unapologetic. He reinvigorates the genre whilst maintaining slick professionalism and raw intelligence, demonstrating a level of sincerity, which is a refreshing addition to the scene.

Opening with a stark piano riff that is a feature throughout the track, accompanied by a simple yet effective beat, ‘Three Fours’ carries dramatic energy that easily captivates the listener. The song demands attention from the word go: this only increasing in effect when Reigno’s vocals kick in as the punchy flow allows for a clean and cutting delivery. The track is powerful without relying on controversial or shocking content, showing lyrical ability which manages to leave a strong impression.

This style of spotlessly clear vocals seems to be a reoccurring theme as listeners can experience the same biting presentation on ‘The Dox (featuring TH010BI)’, dropping April 22nd. Taking a more produced backing, featuring electronic elements and slight synths, and layering rapid, dynamic vocals that don’t miss a beat creates a motivating performance that exponentially builds in energy and authority. The blend is precise and exists to highlight each element, with the vocals remaining the main act and with good reason. The contrasting backings of ‘The Dox’ and ‘Three Fours’ show that Reigno can produce forceful performances that will stick with listeners no matter the setting.

Overall, Reigno offers an evident passion with ‘Three Fours’ that listeners can expect to feature on the ‘Content With Crazy’ EP. With a gritty polish that feels right at home in the genre, an edge that sets him apart, and self-awareness that keeps everything grounded, Reigno is a must-listen-to experience that will add some bite into your lockdown life.

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