Scary Pockets Teams Up With Bahamas For Latest Single “The Power of Love”

Los Angeles-based dynamic funk group called Scary Pockets releases new single, “The Power of Love,” on July 12th. For this release, Scary Pockets teamed up with singer-songwriter Bahamas to deliver this funky Huey Lewis & The News cover. Scary Pockets exclusively covers songs and adds their own funky twist on each cover while featuring a different vocalist on each cover.

Right from the opening of the song, it is hard to hear the original version until the vocals come in. Scary Pockets put their own twist on this classic hit with very little resembling the original. Instead of a guitar solo, Scary Pockets opted for a wailing saxophone solo to close out the song on an exceptionally funky note. Even Bahamas’ vocals are delivered in a very different fashion that Huey Lewis & The News. Whether or not Scary Pockets’ version is better than the original is up to the individual listener but one thing for certain is that these two songs are quite different from one another.

Like every other cover song that Scary Pockets releases, there is also a video released alongside it. The video is just a play through of the entire song that features the band members and Bahamas but they all seem to be having a great time, which makes the viewer also have a good time. Check out the video for “The Power of Love” by Scary Pockets and Bahamas below!

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Words by Brendon Gardner

Post Author: monkjackblog