Zen Dub Releases Latest Single “Invoke” From His Upcoming Album “Enigma”

Glastonbury-based DJ and producer, Zen Dub, released his latest single, “Invoke,” on August 20th, which is the lead single off of the artist’s upcoming album entitled Enigma. Kai Norton, the genius behind Zen Dub, takes most of his influence from varying philosophical and musical practices across the world, which can easily be heard and recognized in his music.

“Invoke” takes those influences mentioned earlier and captures the sonic landscape of each of these influences in his music. The most notable influences heard on “Invoke” largely stem from Zen Dub’s time in Latin America and Asia.

“I use many world instruments in my productions and blend them with electronic sounds including synths/drums/bass lines. It’s a refreshing take that I don’t hear many artists doing these days, it brings the modern & the ancient together in a beautiful fusion of sound.” – Zen Dub

Another core tenant that Zen Dub tries to promote in his music is mindfulness, which is again heavily featured throughout both “Invoke” and Enigma. Despite having busy drum beats and synthesizers for a lot of “Invoke,” the more spacey and calmer aspects of the track help capture the message being presented by Zen Dub.

Zen Dub’s upcoming album promises to capture the various different genres and sounds that make up electronic music, ranging from dubstep to drum and bass and from chillout to instrumental. Throughout each track, Zen Dub gets listeners to take a breath and take a break from the busyness of modern living and instead to practice mindfulness and living in the moment.

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Words by Brendon Gardner

Post Author: monkjackblog