Electro Pop Artist, Emperors, Releases Debut Single, “We Are The Emperors”

The electro pop debut single by Emperors called “We Are The Emperors” was released on March 22nd. Emperors is made up of drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra unafraid to break boundaries and norms in the electro pop scene and the music scene in general while still creating a fun, lively, and inviting atmosphere.

If one word was needed to describe the music of “We Are The Emperors,” danceable would definitely be that word. Drawing upon several pop sensations, including Madonna and Lady Gaga, Emperors has taken the best parts of their music and translated it into a modern dada-esque style, especially with the funky guitar in the background. Vocally, Emperors is very similar to that of Elvis Presley in the sense that both have baritone voices that captivate you.

Lyrically, “We Are The Emperors” is about self-expression and gender-fluidity while dealing with shifting political balances and traditions. Needless to say, this is a very necessary song in the music scene right now.

“Though it may sound lofty, I would love to give a unifying feel to the contentious issues of our time… an EXCITING, sexy fun feeling… making everyone wanna jump on.” – Emperors

A music video for “We Are The Emperors” was released alongside the song and does a lot to further express the points presented in the lyrics. It features both drag king and drag queen personas of Emperors while also featuring several other gender-fluid individuals. This music video is not one to be missed. Check it out below!

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Words by Brendon Gardner

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