Welcome to the Music New Today Spotify playlist, where we will be keeping you entertained with the latest music from up and coming artists! We start our playlist with a top ten roundup of artists we think you should be keeping an eye on while in lock-down. Now is the time to discover new passions […]

Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete present ‘Old Black Crow’

Fergus McKay and his troupe, Nothing Concrete, are music like nothing you have never heard before from their remote location of Pyrenees in the South of France. With diversity in both their music and backgrounds, Fergus McKay & Nothing Concrete are an extraordinary band consisting of unique and talented musicians who create folk infused, bluesy, […]

Cover Countdown

Every day new music is being created. Whether it be in high production recording studios or someone’s mum’s basement, the world will never be devoid of fresh sound as long as creative people are encouraged to pursue their talents. Yet not everything can start from nothing and many aspiring artists find themselves using the works […]

The NaveBlues will possess you with their track ‘The Ghost Collector’

Who ya gonna call? Well, Nave Pundik apparently. Already capturing us with their atmospheric track ‘Possess You’, the band are now haunting the music scene once more with their song ‘The Ghost Collector’ from the self-titled album, The NaveBlues. Listen to and watch the music video for ‘The Ghost Collector’ here: A quick refresh: […]

Halloween Playlist 2017

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like a funky and freaky Halloween playlist on this old Hallows Eve? To kick off the Halloween festivities as October comes to a close here are ten songs to start off your playlist for the perfect spooky night. The Citizens Of Halloween Town – ‘This Is Halloween’ […]

The NaveBlues self-titled album is a new generation of blues music

When it comes to music some artists focus on sound whilst others are meticulous about lyrics, The NaveBlues are a band who seem to have found the perfect balance of both. Standing at a crossroads of music and managing to take both paths, the four piece Norwegian blues band are bringing back classic blues music […]

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