Killing Kenny’s reimagining of Soft Cell and Bruce Springsteen on ‘Exactly Different’ should be at the top of your covers playlist

Ellen Oakley Covers can be a tricky thing. Artists can trip up by straying too far from the original content, or on the other end of the spectrum, they can go too far and leave the magic of the originator and replace it with something new but not necessarily elevated. Whenever covers are featured on […]

Melanie Masson’s soulful rendition of Future Islands’ ‘Seasons’ is feel good to a tee

A raw, authentic experience awaits anyone who listens to Melanie Masson’s version of ‘Seasons’. A follow up to her first single, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’, Masson’s latest release is overflowing with Northern soul, beautiful harmonies and pure joy. With an accompanying video directed by the acclaimed Simone Lahbib, which elevates the song’s whole feel […]

Angie A raises spirits and funds with her charity cover version of ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Fusion is an interesting concept in music, sometimes it’s a matter of an obvious combination that works well, while, sometimes multiple genres just don’t mesh, and the results are disappointing. Once in a while, two things you would never put together meet and it’s the best thing you’ve never heard before. That is the experience […]

Cover Countdown

Every day new music is being created. Whether it be in high production recording studios or someone’s mum’s basement, the world will never be devoid of fresh sound as long as creative people are encouraged to pursue their talents. Yet not everything can start from nothing and many aspiring artists find themselves using the works […]

Countdown of the best Hillywood Show parodies

As The Hillywood Show gear up for the release of the highly anticipated sequel to their Supernatural parody (simply titled ‘Supernatural Parody 2’) I wanted to journey back over the years to give praise to the brilliant and inspirational musical creations the Hindi sisters have given us. From their humble Twilight beginnings up to their […]

Billy Lockett Live!

In a small Newport pub on February 1st, I witnessed talent in its purest form. With a voice that could make angels weep and song lyrics that made me weep is singer-songwriter, Billy Lockett. Armed with only a mic, keyboard and gifted pipes, Billy is making his way around the UK on his 2018 tour. […]

‘DNA’ cover by RobertIDK

People say the best form of flattery is imitation, when someone admires you so much they feel the need to honour your work. Song covers can be a hit or miss deal, either producing tracks that are equal or greater than their original or letting loose into the world something people never wanted to hear. […]

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