Forget everything you know about genres with J Carlyle’s new single ‘Intruder Alert’

With fusions of R&B, dancehall and sprinkles of grime, J Carlyle is starting 2021 with a bang. Well, with an ‘Intruder Alert’ to be more accurate. His newest single, which dropped February 5th, is rhythmic and will have you undoubtedly bopping along. The track is utterly modern, dripping with style and full of attitude, with […]

The reimagining of Berlin, a staple of the 1980s, will take your breath away as they return with ‘Strings Attached’

Take my breath away may have been released nearly forty years ago, but Berlin show that they can reinvent their classics for a completely new experience with their recent release of ‘Strings Attached‘. Various tracks from throughout their career are brought back to life with the inclusion of a full philharmonic orchestra, not only making […]

Antonia Grace releases hit new single ‘My Little Ten’

Antonia Grace has already proved her worth as both a singer and an actor. Her latest single ‘My Little Ten’ sees Grace’s outlook on today’s world – detailing her realisation that it isn’t a fairytale and of her first impressions of adult problems, from climate change to pandemics. ‘My Little Ten’ (listen below) reflects the […]

The Fire Is Lit: The Prodigy return to the studio

The Prodigy are back in the studio to finish work on their first new material since the passing of Keith Flint. The ‘Firestarter’ group’s late frontman tragically passed away at the age of 49 in March 2019. Read the original article HERE: Band members Liam Howlett and Maxim are back recording beats for the […]

Britten’s Really Got Talent for Dance Production

Get your seat belts on before Jack gets hold of them as there is nothing Mr.Britten , the best thing to come out of Yeovil since …errr…well actually probably the best thing to come out of Yeovil full stop. Now where was I , ah yes, the seatbelts, what is going round in your head […]

Kerria Releases Irresistible Late Summer Dance-Pop Classic, “Night Now”

While it may be almost time to pack the barbecues back in the shed, doors appear to being held open for one last banger. With roots tracing back to Gibraltar, Israeli-born Kerria has burst onto the European dance pop scene of late. Almost following a blueprint that details a statement of her intent, initial tremors are […]

Virtuoso 80s Bassist, Lawrence Preston, Emerges with Impressive Single

The history of popular music is often the history of amazing instrumentalists, arrangers and session musicians whose impressive musical skills we hear on the record, but because they are not the star of the show, or the face of the band – they go unrecognised in our musical history.  The story of Lawrence Preston‘s musical upbringing […]

Woolfman & JStew unite the world with intercontinental collaboration

Urban nightlife has always heralded a heartfelt sanctuary for escapism and positivity. Such is the message from a new transatlantic collaboration: Woolfman and JStew, who urge all to shed their burdens and ‘Listen to the Beat’. Ultimately, what we have here is less of a trajection towards a new niche dance project, but more of […]

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