90’s Alt Rock is alive and thriving with Kavanagh’s upcoming single ‘Citizen 202’

Ellen Oakley Dropping March 26th, ‘Citizen 202’ is dark, driven and emulates an aura cultivated in 90’s alt-rock in a refreshingly modern way. With themes of angst and alienation, Kavanagh has a slick presentation backed with distortion and scale that reaches far outside the track’s short playtime to create a microcosm of emotion strangely appropriate […]

‘Sonic visionary’ teases visuals from psych-rock experiment, forged in Mojave moonlight

Gearing up to release not one, but two mind-melting new videos are LA-based indie project Vanderocker! Following the success of debut album – Jupiter’s Kiss, which featured some of music’s most celebrated session musicians, is the Point Defiance record, which both singles have been lifted from. Dutch-American Adrienne Vanderocker’s ever-evolving sonic landscape already incorporates an […]


Outrageous US psychedelic prog-punk party animals Wartoad thought that there was no better way to promote their UK tour than having a dig at the masters of dad rock, Pink Floyd, by importing a huge imitation of the legendary band’s inflatable pink pig. Yet it seems that the Floyd may have had the last laugh […]

Visible sighting of ‘The Man Who Fell From the Sky’ Soon to be Confirmed

In a world with so much credence on blurring the lines of diversity, this Summer’s release from Jonny Dee offered a refreshing understanding of how psychedelic hip-hop may hold the key to understanding ‘The Human Experience‘. While we have previously covered the album in a post in the build up to the release, anticipation is […]

From the Vault: The Young Veins

After a week’s break from this blog, filled with nothing but countless hours of essay writing, I’m about ready for the summer to start, and I know I’m not the only one. The week away also gave me time to reflect and fall back into music that has been forgotten or, for some, never heard. […]

Satellite Ravens are taking the Rohde less travelled by with soaring new album, The Equinox

‘If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself’ is the exact mentality multi-instrumentalist and creator of Satellite Ravens, Carson Rohde, has applied to debut album, The Equinox. Birthed in Arizona but finding their wings in California, Satellite Ravens are a new twist on the one-man band by combining the sound of […]

The album we’ve all been waiting for, Wartoad’s What Rough Beasts

After demanding the spotlight only in late 2017, Wartoad’s highly anticipated album What Rough Beasts is here and it’s everything you would and wouldn’t expect. Already having a pretty indecent reputation for their Christmas cover of ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ and their debut original single ‘I Alone Can Fix It’, we’ve all been left to guess […]

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