90’s Alt Rock is alive and thriving with Kavanagh’s upcoming single ‘Citizen 202’

Ellen Oakley Dropping March 26th, ‘Citizen 202’ is dark, driven and emulates an aura cultivated in 90’s alt-rock in a refreshingly modern way. With themes of angst and alienation, Kavanagh has a slick presentation backed with distortion and scale that reaches far outside the track’s short playtime to create a microcosm of emotion strangely appropriate […]

Billy Mick is unapologetically himself in his latest single ‘The Tourist’

Leaving the bright lights and childhood whimsy of Disney World for the streets of Manchester, Billy Mick explores the themes of acceptance, individuality and self with an uplifting instrumental and effervescent flair. Inspired by Mick’s attendance at 2018’s Manchester Pride, the song takes on anthemic qualities that drive home the feelings of unity experienced by […]

Franki Pineapple crushes with her anti-establishment anthem ‘F**k It Man’

  A rebel anthem that’s catchy as hell and full of expletives, Frank Pineapple has created a single that encourages you to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and no longer care about the chains of monotonous everyday life. Guitar heavy with an intoxicating use of electronic components, ‘Fuck it Man’ is […]


Welcome to the Music New Today Spotify playlist, where we will be keeping you entertained with the latest music from up and coming artists! We start our playlist with a top ten roundup of artists we think you should be keeping an eye on while in lock-down. Now is the time to discover new passions […]

Improbable line-up rallies to save iconic punk venue

Banded around the local-news agenda, there is invariably some story of a local venue undergoing an untimely closure. The ever-growing impact of this cultural decline will undeniably be having an adverse effect on cultivating and discovering new talent, and sooner rather than later. With the spiralling rents on Oxford Street threatening it’s very existence, London’s […]

LIVE REVIEW – Bexatron w/ The Stoned Crows – ‘Hey You’ World Album Launch @ Two Tribes, Kings Cross – 17th Nov 18

And so, the moment had arrived! Simmering down in a quiet corner of Kings Cross lay sultry brewery, Two Tribes – a venue seemingly no stranger to endless nights of ‘sex, drugs and sausage rolls’, which this evening was to lay host to the highly anticipated worldwide album release and launch party for Bexatron’s ‘Hey […]


Outrageous US psychedelic prog-punk party animals Wartoad thought that there was no better way to promote their UK tour than having a dig at the masters of dad rock, Pink Floyd, by importing a huge imitation of the legendary band’s inflatable pink pig. Yet it seems that the Floyd may have had the last laugh […]

‘New Blondie’ Bexatron Resonates High Energy Performance to Conquer Europe

Certain aspects of London sub-culture make it hard to disassociate yourself from the certain stereo-types that come to mind, namely – leather jackets, exhaust fumes and grit. Seemingly, there is never going to be a time where street level society will become too elite for bands that champion themselves as bridging alternative attitude with high […]

Cover Countdown

Every day new music is being created. Whether it be in high production recording studios or someone’s mum’s basement, the world will never be devoid of fresh sound as long as creative people are encouraged to pursue their talents. Yet not everything can start from nothing and many aspiring artists find themselves using the works […]

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