Reigno introduces the world to his own brand of introspective hip hop with his latest drop ‘Three Fours’

Ellen Oakley Reigno teases listeners with what they can expect from his upcoming EP ‘Content With Crazy’, dropping May 7th, with his latest release ‘Three Fours’. The track is bold and unapologetic. He reinvigorates the genre whilst maintaining slick professionalism and raw intelligence, demonstrating a level of sincerity, which is a refreshing addition to the […]

Lexxicon is ready to stir up your playlists with his upcoming EP ‘Bashment SZN’

Ellen Oakley With high, immersive energy and a bold personality, Lexxicon will have every moment in lockdown feeling like a party. A fusion of culture, grit and passion, the upcoming EP dropping April 7th holds nothing back and delivers a good time all round. Bringing together his Jamaican roots with a mixture of Bashment, Dancehall, […]

Forget everything you know about genres with J Carlyle’s new single ‘Intruder Alert’

With fusions of R&B, dancehall and sprinkles of grime, J Carlyle is starting 2021 with a bang. Well, with an ‘Intruder Alert’ to be more accurate. His newest single, which dropped February 5th, is rhythmic and will have you undoubtedly bopping along. The track is utterly modern, dripping with style and full of attitude, with […]

Melodic rap with an impact awaits anyone who listens to Leoscappin’s upcoming EP ‘Alienated’

Dropping February 5th, ‘Alienated’ is Leoscappin’s latest effort after releasing a string of singles, the first being ‘Go Kart’ which dropped in September 2020. Leoscappin grew up in Sao Paolo with Japanese heritage but has now settled in England, where he produces American-influenced melodic hip hop for those who feel disenfranchised by society. The lead […]

Get ready to rediscover the meaning of music with Araya’s new album ‘Atlas’

Surreal and atmospheric, ‘Atlas’ is a refreshing journey through self-discovery, artistry and real vocal ability. Regardless of your music preferences, Araya’s voice transcends favouritism and while he delivers a spine-tingling performance on each track, demonstrating a true talent. The 14 track album is a stylistic reflection on the artist and all components that make up […]

Omosefe Looks to Inspire Unity Through Music and Hieroglyphic Art

From Nigeria to Italy to America, Omosefe has found himself frustrated by the negativity from both political and religious leaders and has resolved to bring people together in a two-pronged attack – both with his music and his art. As a music producer, singer-songwriter, and a “figurative artist” he seeks to show not what divides […]

R&B Project ‘YLD’ Marks New Chapter For Pioneering Us3 Producer Geoff Wilkinson

‘YLD is wild’ is the eponymous debut album from London-based songwriter/producer, YLD (pronounce ‘wild’), aka Geoff Wilkinson from seminal jazz/hip-hop fusion band Us3. The album marks something of a departure from the sound of Us3, who had a top ten worldwide hit with ‘Cantaloop’ and a platinum selling album with ‘Hand On The Torch’, and […]

Hey Look Ma, Panic! At The Disco’s brand new album Pray for the Wicked

When Pete Wentz was quoted describing Pray for the Wicked as ‘Death of a Bachelor on steroids’, I personally worried we would end up with either cutting room floor songs or a recycled album. However, ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)’ floored me and gave some understanding into exactly what ‘Death of a Bachelor on steroids’ means. […]

Our prayers have finally been answered with Panic! At the Disco’s ‘King of the Clouds’

With Pray for the Wicked only two days away, how could we really be asking for anymore from Panic! At the Disco? Yet, fans have shown a growing displeasure (mixed with unwavering support of course) concerning a certain single that has been teased on not one but two separate occasions. Arguably the one that started […]

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