Judith Haustein oozes class and style in her latest release ‘Freeze’

Ellen Oakley German musician, producer and composer Judith Haustein offers a blend of smooth crooning vocals and swoon-worthy melodies with her new single ‘Freeze’. Complimented with a starkly modern vocal feature near the end (MC BNZ) that carries the trip-hop vibe, the track is fun from beginning to end, overflowing with charm and swing energy […]

‘Hey Babe’, Jade Moss is here to add a sprinkle of vintage excellence with a modern twist to your day

Jade Moss is a musical force to be reckoned with an unapologetic style, personality and fusion, all of which are on show in her latest single, ‘Hey Babe’. With splashes of jazz, pop and electronic influences, the song is bold with a modern story of unwanted attention from people simply not worthy. With vocals that […]

LIVE REVIEW: The Broken Islands @ The Troubadour London

Wednesday night was the first of a three-night residency at The Troubadour for Canadian rockers, The Broken Islands. The energy in the room was lifted by support act Joel Rothwell, who delivered with his band a 9 song set featuring explosive pop originals and a cover of New Rules by Dua Lipa. A big contrast […]

ARLS release trip-hop inspired ‘LUCKY’ – a cultured twist of 90s trip-hop and 80s synth atmospherics

Travellers of the planet with no set home and no ties that bind, ARLS are a collaboration between musician and producer Bravo Bonez and singer-songwriter, Alba Rose. While in the process of finishing their 4 track EP ‘MELD‘ (due for release in the first half of 2020), our first introduction to them is the trip-hop […]

The Broken Islands’ new album Wars

Music gives us the tools that allow us to experience and create something new from combining what has past. The Broken Islands have taken full advantage of the freedom music gives us by resurrecting fallen genres. Genres like trip-hop and dark wave that are endangered and only see the light within niche markets. With a […]

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