Electro Pop Artist, Emperors, Releases Debut Single, “We Are The Emperors”

The electro pop debut single by Emperors called “We Are The Emperors” was released on March 22nd. Emperors is made up of drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra unafraid to break boundaries and norms in the electro pop scene and the music scene in general while still creating a fun, lively, and inviting atmosphere. If one word was […]

Billy Mick is unapologetically himself in his latest single ‘The Tourist’

Leaving the bright lights and childhood whimsy of Disney World for the streets of Manchester, Billy Mick explores the themes of acceptance, individuality and self with an uplifting instrumental and effervescent flair. Inspired by Mick’s attendance at 2018’s Manchester Pride, the song takes on anthemic qualities that drive home the feelings of unity experienced by […]

Melanie Masson’s soulful rendition of Future Islands’ ‘Seasons’ is feel good to a tee

A raw, authentic experience awaits anyone who listens to Melanie Masson’s version of ‘Seasons’. A follow up to her first single, ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’, Masson’s latest release is overflowing with Northern soul, beautiful harmonies and pure joy. With an accompanying video directed by the acclaimed Simone Lahbib, which elevates the song’s whole feel […]

Ruth Brosnan is here to save you from those lockdown blues with her new single ‘Electric Gold’

Released on November 20th, Ruth Brosnan’s high energy, 80’s-inspired electronic single is sure to make everyone feel just like a superhero. Dedicated to all those feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, whether it’s the front line and key workers, or those really feeling the isolation brought on by restrictions, ‘Electric Gold’ is catchy, feel […]


Circumstances around the world may find you cast adrift and isolated but one artist looking to unite music fans with an experience which transports the listener way beyond their surroundings is Milan-based electro producer, Zipten. His forthcoming track, (You Are) Encanto, described by Zipten as “a hymn to beauty” perfectly demonstrates his exploratory electronic soundscapes, […]

‘Sonic visionary’ teases visuals from psych-rock experiment, forged in Mojave moonlight

Gearing up to release not one, but two mind-melting new videos are LA-based indie project Vanderocker! Following the success of debut album – Jupiter’s Kiss, which featured some of music’s most celebrated session musicians, is the Point Defiance record, which both singles have been lifted from. Dutch-American Adrienne Vanderocker’s ever-evolving sonic landscape already incorporates an […]

The XXX-Rated Evanescence Unleash Sepsiss Zombies to Infect Your Eardrums with Contagious Metal Attack

Surging out from the shadows of their base in Manchester, New England,  Sepsiss are on the move to mobilise their small army of followers– the self-named ‘Sepsiss Zombies‘, setting out to infect eyes, ears and minds around the world. This female-fronted metal band comprised of Melissa Wolfe (vocals), Mr Goodbarz (technology/keys); Robbert Pann (drums) and William Savant (Vocals/guitars) have […]

Pragya to Release the World’s First Album from an Openly Gay Indian Artist

Indian musician and songwriter Pragya Pallavi has announced the release of her forthcoming indiscriminate and multiple genre debut album ‘Queerism‘ – which is set to be the first LGBTQIA+ themed album to be released from India by an Indian queer artist since the legalisation of homosexuality in the country in September 2018, presenting a new and […]

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