Killing Kenny’s reimagining of Soft Cell and Bruce Springsteen on ‘Exactly Different’ should be at the top of your covers playlist

Ellen Oakley Covers can be a tricky thing. Artists can trip up by straying too far from the original content, or on the other end of the spectrum, they can go too far and leave the magic of the originator and replace it with something new but not necessarily elevated. Whenever covers are featured on […]

Franki Pineapple crushes with her anti-establishment anthem ‘F**k It Man’

  A rebel anthem that’s catchy as hell and full of expletives, Frank Pineapple has created a single that encourages you to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and no longer care about the chains of monotonous everyday life. Guitar heavy with an intoxicating use of electronic components, ‘Fuck it Man’ is […]

Media Frenzy For Determined Dad

Richard Stevens, made redundant from his work last summer, has now found himself with a brand-new job, thanks to his son Oscar’s assistance. Oscar wrote and sent a song to employers asking them to look beyond CVs when recruiting, and to look at the person behind the paper. ‘Paper Me’, authored by Oscar and performed […]

Cutting Crew orchestral adventure turns a gem of a band into a classic one.

Everywhere you go there seems to be a classical re working of everything from rave classics to DJ inspired anthems but few have been done so well as this seismic piece of innovative thinking  of  orchestral arrangements by Cutting Crew of their  classics  including what we feel is cupids very own theme tune ‘ I […]


Welcome to the Music New Today Spotify playlist, where we will be keeping you entertained with the latest music from up and coming artists! We start our playlist with a top ten roundup of artists we think you should be keeping an eye on while in lock-down. Now is the time to discover new passions […]

Italian rockers Keemosabe look set to complete anticipated album via Kickstarter campaign and Abbey Road sessions

The journey that Keemosabe have undertaken is one that outlines a disparity between the small suburban reality of where they grew up and the cosmopolitan lifestyle found in big cities, as is reflected through their music. Despite being a pop/rock outfit, best known for utilising energetic grooves combined with powerful riffs and pop melodies, Keemosabe came to […]

Noble Jacks Offer Uplifting Rock Elixir with ‘Stay Awake’ Album Launch Tour – Spring 2019

Already hailed as local heroes around their base in Sussex, the surge in notoriety that Noble Jacks have felt is in no small part due to their famously incendiary live shows. For their second album release – ‘Stay Awake‘ (released 29th March), they have laid out ten resolutely upbeat tracks to take on tour this […]

Visible sighting of ‘The Man Who Fell From the Sky’ Soon to be Confirmed

In a world with so much credence on blurring the lines of diversity, this Summer’s release from Jonny Dee offered a refreshing understanding of how psychedelic hip-hop may hold the key to understanding ‘The Human Experience‘. While we have previously covered the album in a post in the build up to the release, anticipation is […]

Bill Magill gathers patrons for on last hurrah at the Ha-Ra

In a similar vain to the kind of characters that you might discover on a classic Tom Waits album from the early 70s, ‘Last Night at the Ha-Ra’, the latest release from American songwriter Bill Magill, is a highly thought out collective of tales in which the revelations of a group of regulars of the Ha-Ra bar […]

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