Elena Roxy Rose delivers with brand new track



Elena Roxy Rose is set to drop her new single ‘Message in a Bottle’ on November 23rd from her new album.  Elena crafted her album over 6 years in which time she mastered the art of producing alongside her already exceptional musical skills.

‘Message in a Bottle’ is a fantastic twist on a the traditional pop framework. Elena does not listen to other peoples music so she doesn’t feel the need to adhere to the stoic adherence of past genres on contemporary musical layouts.

Listen to ‘Message in a Bottle’ here: https://soundcloud.com/elenaroxyrose/message-in-a-bottle

An inspiration to many through her book ‘To Eat or Not To Eat’, Elena Roxy Rose hopes to channel the positive energy she has surrounded herself with into her upcoming album. Simplicity is key and her aspirations are ones of spreading love and enlightenment rather than the mainstream media promoted goals of swelled egos and material gain.

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