Lead Track Of Stunning New Album ‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ By Marcus Nand


‘Time and Tide Wait For No Man’ is the perfect introduction to the sound of Marcus Nand. A delineation of his musical interests and an amalgamation of his previous work, the album is an exploration on the subjectivity of popular culture and the need for people to be motivated to create artistry through intellectual stimulation and self expression. The single of the same name builds on this idea but takes a more personal twist becoming an objective observation about an aspect of life. ‘

The new album is a unique blend of rock, pop and flamenco styles with nods to Elbow and The Dave Matthews band. Marcus’ gravelly tones are frequently compared to the likes of Seal and Peter Gabriel with a sensibility reminiscent of Patrick Monohan. The songs on the album are written in a radio friendly format with Marcus throwing in world music elements to elevate the release to a unique platform.