Alt-pop duo HATY HATY featuring David Douglas share new single ‘High As the Sun’

HATY HATY is a collaboration between producer David Douglas and singer Blaudzun, two critically acclaimed artists, live performers but above all friends from The Netherlands, who teamed up aiming to deliver a stellar blend of pop and electronic music.

Blaudzun is mostly known in Europe as an established indie artist with several chart successes, awards, a golden album and many appearances at festivals like Hurricane/Southside, SXSW, Pinkpop, Lowlands, Bråvalla, Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter. He has been long time friends with producer and electronic artist David Douglas, who released his debut album ‘Moon Observations’ on Atomnation in 2014. This record received rave reviews and features among the board including XLR8R, Pitchfork, Spin and The Line Of Best Fit. It’s no secret that also Douglas impressed Europe on stage with his captivating live sets.

Under the HATY HATY moniker they now offer debut single “High As The Sun”; and at the same time it’s the title of their upcoming album, scheduled to release March 11th. The track immediately blends the influences of both artists – strong, dubby electronic claps and kicks are smoothly colored by David Douglas’ Space Echo, while the haunting vocals by Blaudzun bind the track into a round, somewhat cinematic cut. Carried by a sonic bass-guitar loop and dreamscape pads on top, the track brings a decent balance between Blaudzun’s indie, and Douglas’ more electronica style – both not giving in on vision or quality compared to solo work.

The name HATY HATY is derrived from the Indonesian word ‘Hati’ meaning heart and is often used as ‘Hati Hati’ when wishing someone luck or courage in difficult times or when crossing chaotic city streets. “It translates best as ‘watch your heart’ or ‘take care’. Besides that we liked the idea of referring this project to the ancient Norwegian mythology of the wolf-like creature Hati who is responsible for chasing down the moon and eating it.”, Blaudzun says.

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