Moon Rover are climbing up the space rock ladder with debut single ‘Radio


“We cannot wait to hear more of these guys”

– Purple Radio –

“Magnificent atmospheric space grunge”

– Forkster Rocks –

After spending his summer in isolation, watching the X Files, Scott has made use of his spare time writing an entire album. Being authentically rock’n’roll in their work ethic the idea of forming a band came about after partying on a night out. What seemed to be merely ‘drunk talk’ would quickly turn into the exciting new collective that now calls itself Moon Rover.

The band’s musical influences are varied and the lads manage to impeccably combine their affection for space romanticism and blazing guitar riffs into a solid package of refreshingly melodic rock music. Moon Rover is a collective of four individuals that couldn’t be more different from each other. With interests ranging from chemistry to filming, gaming and art galleries it comes as no surprise that the band’s sound is underlined by an ultimately open-minded and liberal musical approach.

‘Radio Noises’ is part and parcel of a collection of songs that were written as an ode to the out of space.  Focussing on the imagery of two astronauts who are floating away from a space station to be saved by aliens, songwriter Scott explains: “‘Radio Noises’ is about losing contact, it’s about the astronauts losing contact with NASA and ultimately earth as they float into space but the track can also be linked to losing contact in general, whether it be with friends, family or you’re just going a bit crazy.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of extra-terrestrial endeavours are ahead of Moon Rover!

The single ‘Radio Noises’ is out on 25th March 2016