Lionel Richie on Adele’s ‘Hello’

‘She brings my song to new generations’

Iconic singer Lionel Richie has revealed that he doesn’t mind sharing the word and song title ‘Hello’ with Adele because “she’s such a sweetheart”.

During a chat with London’s Metro newspaper, the star explained that he doesn’t own the word and is glad that her song will keep his own track in the minds of the next generation:

“Yeah she ran off down the road with it. It’s hilarious, the entire world called me going: ‘Are you gonna let her get away with that? She stole your song!’ I don’t own the word hello, I own a song called Hello. The joke is that she’s such a sweetheart.”

Richie added: “There’s a generation that will grow up with Adele’s Hello but still know my Hello, and l’m very happy that it happened that way.”

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