Wolf Alice release long awaited video for ‘Lisbon’


“the debut of the decade so far” – NME
“feral and sophisticated” – The Telegraph
“an invigorating debut with a gaunt, gallant identity of its own” – The Guardian

The release of the music video for ‘Lisbon’ marks the one year anniversary of the bands debut album My Love Is Cool. Contrary to this positivity, the melancholic video fueled by its blue colour emphasises the complicated feelings that come along in a relationship, a subject covered in many of Wolf Alice’s songs.

Ellie Rowsell herself warned their fans on twitter that the video is “sad”, but the artistic and hypnotic quality of the music video override its negative connotations.

Watch the video for ‘Lisbon’ below:

Following a year of success for the band, performing at the likes of Glastonbury and having numerous sold out shows, the group are set for a lengthy career in the music business.