Livia’s enchanting new ‘Natural High’


Enchanting Artist Livia Lands Her Amazing New Single ‘Natural High’

CD Cover.jpgLivia’s enchanting and spellbinding new single  ‘Natural High’ is a perfectly executed, truly expressive and encapsulating piece of music. Through her adventures of loss, grief and healing she has poured herself into the song so much so that the listener is essentially taken through their own journey parallel to hers.

‘Natural High’ contains a mixture of pop and magical elements, collating to a self proclaimed ‘Magi-Pop’ sound. The album that accompanies the single features collaborations with a BRIT Award winning producer giving it a commercial edge, Livia’s performance adding the extra dimension to the music.


 Listen to the track here:

Having been through extreme depression and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Livia  is an example of the healing power of music. She says  “The sad fact is that in order to write music that really says something, you have to go to some dark places. The real me might have been on my knees, but my artist-self was just getting started”.

Livia leaves an overwhelming trail of breadcrumbs as she makes her way to the top of the industry having played at Whitchfest International, the Lincoln Steampunk Festical and, for the second year running, The Magical Times’ accompanying festival.

With nods to artists such as  Inkubus Sukkubus, Nightwish, Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush, Livia’s tranquil spirituality and sound is one that would fit perfectly at festivals such as  Secret Garden Party and the  world renound Glastonbury Festival.



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Gig dates:


Canterbury City Mystical Market – JULY 9TH


The Goddess Festival – JULY 16TH


Felixstowe Carnival – JULY 24


Surrey Steampunk Convivial – JULY 30/31


Pagan Pride, Nottingham AUGUST 7TH

Warrington Viking festival – SEPTEMBER 2/3RD


Eastbourne Steampunk Festival – SEPTEMBER 10/11


Really Red Roar festival, Gravesend – SEPTEMBER 17/18TH

Harrogate Health and Healing Festival SEPTEMBER 24/25TH

Canterbury City Mystical Market – OCTOBER 1ST


Pagan Pride, Anglia – OCTOBER 29TH


Pagan Pride  Samhain Celebration – OCTOBER TBC


Witchfest International, Brighton – NOVEMBER 26TH