Infectious high groove track


Infectious, high groove and flat out brilliant ‘Diggin it Deep Down’ from Norell & The Dub Factory is a track that youll be playing out to your friends at every opportunity you get. The perfect combination of catchy vocals and deep bass make it perfect for big systems and portable speakers alike as the vibes the band create are so strong they are rarely hindered.

The group’s powerful vocals and infectious beats stem from an array of different influences including the likes of Joss Stone, Janis Joplin and Damian Marley. They also take heavy influence from Belgian soul/reggae artist Selah Sue, who at some stage they would love to try and support.

Norell & The Dub Factory could be one of the unsigned artists to watch out for this summer, so check them live, and get to know them better through their tantalising new song, ‘Diggin’ it Deep Down’.