Carina Round release beautiful new album ‘Deranged to Divine’.



One of the UK’s most enigmatic songstresses and extraordinary performers, Carina, originally from Wolverhampton but now living in California showcases her work beautifully on  ‘Deranged to Divine’.

The album is a collection of her material spanning from 2001-2015 and features music taken from her critically acclaimed albums ‘The First Bloody Mystery’, ‘The Disconnection’, ‘Slow Motion Addict’ and ‘Tigermending’ as well as music taken off of her ‘Things You Should Know’ EP. There are also two previously unreleased and unheard tracks on the album – ‘Gunshot’ and ‘Want More’.

A favourite track of mine is ‘You Will Be Loved’ which is originally off of the ‘Tigermending’ album, I had never really heard the track before, but it is beautiful, with a slow melody and Carina’s vocals entice you into almost a mesmerised state.

Listen to ‘You Will Be Loved’ here:

Another track I loved in particular was ‘ For Everything A Reason’ – the track was also featured on American Horror Story, episode 103, Witches of East End and Suits. The track is just divine, it’s slow moving, in a good way, it’s soft melody compliments Carina’s spell-binding vocals, yet again I was in awe of her talent.

Carina has just finished a tour in the UK, unfortunately I didn’t attend, but I’m extremely grateful that this album landed in my inbox, and I will definitely catch her next performance.

Listen to ‘For Everything A Reason’ below:




  1. You Will Be Loved
  2. Into My Blood
  3. Backseat
  4. Girl and the Ghost
  5. Elegy (US Version)
  6. Gunshot
  7. Come to You
  8. You and Me
  9. Downslow
  10. Message to Apollo
  11. Slow Motion Addict
  12. Overcome
  13. Want More (Alternate Version)
  14. How I See It
  15. For Everything a Reason
  16. Lacuna (Radio Version)
  17. Mother’s Pride
  18. The Secret of Drowning / Previously Unreleased / Vinyl Debut


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