REVIEW: Nasa Woods ‘Alitheia’

img_76954444444444With a steamy video, Nasa Woods is about to blow up and burst onto the scene with his latest release ‘Alitheia’ – which means truth in greek… Nasa continues to say ‘We always tend to speak the truth when we’re intoxicated so the song represents a moment of struggle between holding back and being honest with someone you love.

Nasa has previously done YouTube covers and has built up quite a few views doing this, this is the first release I have received of Nasa Woods, and I am so grateful that I received it, Nasa is giving some of the urban-pop stars a run for their money, he reminds me of Zayn Malik, with both the voice and looks, minus the tatts, but I’m sure the girls are going to love Nasa.

‘Alitheia’ is a word I’d not heard before, but it sounds great in the song, the video is brilliant too, it takes you on a journey after drinking too much and that moment whether you call the person you like or an ex or just someone you’ll regret contacting the next night, I hope that’s the vibe Nasa was going for as that’s what I got from it.

I also love the mask the girl wears in the video, she looks gorgeous. I can only see big things for Nasa and I’m excited to follow his journey

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