Rosie O’Sullivan’s Musical Rennaissance


If you go back to 2013, you might remember the name Rosie O’Sullivan from the Britain’s Got Talent show of the same year in which she reached the live semi-final stage of the competition. However, after losing 16.5 stone, Rosie has reborn her musical talents with the release of a new collection of soul inspired tracks.

During her youth, Rosie grew up listening to the sounds of Motown and Soul that her parents loved and these styles have inspired her new direction in music. In terms of songwriting though, Rosie finds that her own experiences and relationships provide the best material to work with when composing her songs. Whilst these may seem like typical subjects to base songs upon, Rosie’s sense of passion for what she is doing shows her distinctive and professional edge, which is also exemplified through the track ‘No One’, which is about the story of true love shared by her parents.

Rosie notes that when she steps on stage  “nothing matters anymore; I’m in my own world where only me and my audience exist“, and many have been fortunate enough to witness her performances at events such as Birmingham Pride, Big Festival and The Brummie Awards.

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