Track Review: ‘After Eve’by Warsaw Radio

pop, Rock

Warsaw Radio were founded in 2013 after front-man Brian McNamara read about the siege of Warsaw in 1939. The Warsaw Radio Orchestra kept playing their music throughout the siege until their transmitter was destroyed by an artillery shell. Such an inspiring story led to the incarnation of the band.

Consequently, Warsaw Radio take on the orchestral vibe of their inspiration with sweeping string sections combined with pop-rock hooks and the enticing vocals of McNamara.

‘After Eve’ has possibly one of the most interesting stories behind the lyrics: it takes on the perspective of Adam, after Eve and himself have been banished from the Garden of Eden. It imagines the situation of the pair separating after this key moment. It isn’t often that you come across a group with such original starting points for writing songs and it makes a refreshing change from the typical love songs that you hear in the majority of popular music.

The strings build a sense of sonic tension along with Brian’s warming vocals that are then accompanied gradually by the rest of the band. As the texture builds, so too does the emotion of the song. Even without knowing the context behind it, it’s the kind of song that tugs on the heart strings.

There’s an easy listening nature to the track, but this would take away from the quality musicianship at play from Warsaw Radio. ‘After Eve’ is crafted with poignant lyrics and delicate melodies that evolve into something much more powerful by the end of the song.

As a group W.R take influence from the likes of Wilco, Fleetwod Mac, The Waterboys and The Frames. They are all set for UK and Ireland dates from February, kicking off with a home town head-line show at Komedia Brighton on February 8th.

Overall, ‘After Eve’ is a beautifully put together piece of songwriting that draws on folk stories whilst adding a modern musical edge. This is the definition of ‘quality’ music and songwriting. Well worth a listen.