Prog-rock band Greta Van Fleet are bringing back classic rock

Over the years bands have been inspired by, recorded covers of and have managed near perfect imitations of classic rock bands. Greta Van Fleet are nothing like these bands. The hard rock sound of the band is nothing close to an imitation; any modern twists completely removed. Leaving it nearly impossible to believe they have only been a band since 2012.

Listen to the song ‘Highway Tune’ here:

The band consist of brothers Josh Kiszka, Sam Kiszka, Jake Kiszka and friend Danny Wager (replacement for original drummer Kyle Hauk). The name of the band derived from a woman from Frankenmuth who gave her blessing for the boys to use her name. Boys being the operative word! The old school sound of the band does not fit with the fresh faced look of the four but proves that you should never judge a book by it’s cover.

The first time I heard ‘Highway Tune’ playing from another room on Planet Rock I found myself head banging away thinking it to be a Led Zeppelin song and was utterly shocked when the presenter explained who they were. The powerful and goose bump raising vocals of Josh Kiszka were so similar to Robert Plant it was eerie. As well as the drummer baring a distinctive resemblance in sound to John Bonham. Even after listening to more of the band’s music it’s still hard to believe classic rock genre musicians this talented exist in 2017. The band also have elements of both Wolfmother and Rush.

Since 2012 the band have recorded and released numerous songs such as ‘Highway Tune’, ‘Cloud Train’, ‘Standing On’, ‘By The Riverside’ and ‘Lover, Leaver, Taker, Believer’, just to name a few. Each song further solidifying their legends-in-the-making status. By February 2014 the band had a live EP recorded in one take and was released on June 7th of the same year. The song ‘Standing On’ later featuring in Chevy Equinox advertisements in the Detroit area. January this year ‘Highway Tune’ featured on the television show Shameless and then proceeded to be released on iTunes in March. By April 8th the music video was played exclusively on the online magazine Loudwire and their debut EP titled Black Smoke Rising was released April 21th. Since then the band have been named Apple Music’s new artist of the week and are currently touring to promote their music with English rock band The Struts.

Watch this acoustic live performance of ‘Black Smoke Rising’ to witness the ridiculous vocal range of Josh Kiszka:

Another incredible live performance of ‘Safari Song’, including an insane drum solo from Danny Wager:

Only being in their early twenties Greta Van Fleet have promising careers ahead of them in the alternative music world and will appeal to fans pining for the return of classic rock.



Review by Skye W.Winwood

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